Selling Your House During The Holidays

This time of year, a lot of clients who need to sell their home decide to “wait until spring” . Is that a good idea or not? Every situation is unique however, selling this time of year can be a great idea. Let me explain. You have all heard of the law of supply and demand…right? Well during the winter there are typically less homes on the market so inventory is lower meaning supply is down. The other truth is that there are usually fewer buyer’s looking to purchase a home in the winter BUT (yes Bill Pipes if your reading this I said but…inside joke) the buyer’s who are taking their time to look now are very serious and qualified buyers. Lower supply and more interested buyers can result in a faster sale at a better price. If you are selling your home during this time of year here are a few tips whether you are working with an agent or are a FSBO seller (For Sale By Owner).

1. Showings, by appointment. As we get closer to Christmas decide on some times that work best and ask your agent to arrange showings of your home by appointment during these times. This will allow you to plan better and and make sure all the wrapping paper, toys-r-us flyer’s with checkmarks by every toy and baking ingredients are all put away nicely. You can drive around looking at lights or get some last minute shopping done knowing your home is clean and ready to show.

2. Turn the lights on, all of them. This goes for your Christmas lights too. Picture this, your perspective buyer drives up to your house beautifully decorated in lights and see’s the Christmas tree through the front window. It instantly feels like home.

3. Atmosphere, think about it. Lights are all on, music softly playing, nice scents in the air and fireplace on (disclaimer… only a gas fireplace in good repair if your coming right home after the showing). Are you getting the picture…good because the buyer is too.

4. Open house, think before you do! Pick a weekend day, make it an event and have your HOLIDAY open house from 10-4. Don’t advertise…Create a buzz! Make a flyer and take it around to your neighbor’s personally inviting them to your event; or better yet ask your agent to do this. Put flyers in local businesses like coffee shops and restaurants that will allow you to do so. Don’t just advertise in the paper make sure you let your Facebook friends know as well as any clubs, organizations, etc.. you belong to. MAKE THIS A PARTY PEOPLE! Have refreshments and a guest book, make sure the house is squeaky clean, festive and clutter free.

5. Have Fun, no really. Stress is not in short supply around the holidays so don’t take on any extra. Communicate and plan with your agent. The Good News is, selling your home at Christmas can actually be more fun than you think.

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